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Data Recovery

Deleted Files

If you have deleted files by accident, immediately STOP using your computer
- Check the recycle bin – are your files still available? If yes, copy to safe location
- Recycle bin is empty? Don’t save any new files to disk or open and close programs; temporary files created by programs can also overwrite files you wish to recover.
- Using a file recovery application, peruse the disk for disassociated files and recover*

Disk Errors or Problem Opening Files

If your computer can not retrieve a file or if you are getting occasional “Blue Screen of Death” (BSOD) errors resulting in system restarts…
- Your system likely has disk corruption – this can be a result of physical disk failure (although unlikely is system is still booting) or disk media deterioration (media no longer can store data to storage area)
- Continuing to use the computer will likely not further aggravate the problem
- Back up your system as soon as possible; on files which fail, skip and continue to back up all data that will back up successfully
- Additional files are likely to become unreadable as time progresses
- A low level format of the disk or replacement are likely good options at this point
- Any files that you still need from the disk that are not retrievable by your applications or operating system may still be recoverable; Using a file recovery application, peruse the disk for damaged files and recover*

System won’t boot or BSOD

If your computer simply will not boot or while booting you get a “Blue Screen of Death” (BSOD) errors resulting in a restart loop…
- Your system likely has a damaged file – this can be due to corrupt disk media or simply a file which has been damaged (virus, application, accidentally)
- Due to the nature of the error, you likely will not be able to do a certain task (the problem likely always occurs at the same “spot” in your application or operating system)
- Document what application you have open or what you are trying to do when the error happens – were you installing software or changing a configuration that resulted in the current problem?
- Does you system still boot? Do you have a backup of your critical files? Now would be a great time to back up if you can.
- Get help*

* LOGIC Integrity will step you through this process or do the recovery for you. See our billing page for rates....